A Few Pieces We're Proud Of

Selected Work

While Kennedy's Stained Glass Studio creates many large pictures, we also produce many decorative and functional pieces. The modern stained glass medium has a vast amount of applications, from mosaics to furniture to fused items. The bulk of our work is commissioned. We work closely with clients to ensure their piece will look as they envision.

Works by Kennedy's Stained Glass are in private collections and on public display at schools, churches and businesses. Browse through a few of our most favorite pieces by clicking on an individual item.

Tree of Knowledge

(16' x 8') Installed in the Library at the University of Montana Western in Dillon, Montana, this window is a memorial for Susan's Mom Alice Kennedy. Take a closer look at the hidden treasures.

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Boulder River

Fun, intricate project installed above one of the main entrances to a Montana cabin.

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Hope Lutheran

(29" x 77") These windows were designed to focus on the majesty of God’s creation, as being vibrant, explosive, and awe-inspiring. Each of the windows represents one of the six “days” of active creation.

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Cali Home

Custom home project invovling several rooms. We designed and constructed stained glass pieces from the front entryway to the bathrooms and library.

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St. Pius X

Beautify stained glass project invovling several main windows. The architecture of this building supports a lot of natural light we took advantage of.

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Mount Olive

Very intricate project that involved supporting three panes of stained glass into four distinct windows that capture a story from the bible.

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Zion Lutheran

A great project where nearly every outside facing window was replaced with a stained glass piece.

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Kennedy Stained Glass builds glass pieces using all of the various techniques. Here's a variety of some of our favorites.